The Economist | The power of families: Dynasties

The Economist | The power of families: Dynasties via @theeconomist

Demographics Survey

Here at the close of 2013, we at FedoraArts are asking ourselves…

…who’s buying all these books anyway?!

So we created a survey to find out. If you’ve bought a copy of one of our stories (or think you might), go ahead and take two minutes to tell us about yourself.

Fun things coming up, fun things. We’ll be filling in the backlog of cover images over the past year, and making those links available in the titles page. We’ll also be offering sneak peeks of FedoraArts’ first novel publication, R. Jean Mathieu’s No Time: The First Hour. Stay tuned.

Welcome to FedoraArts Press

FedoraArts Press is now open for business! Two of R. Jean Mathieu‘s stories, Sweat and White Cotton and Gods of War, are now available for sale from Amazon, as well as Kobo, Smashwords, and the Nook.

FedoraArts Press is dedicated to getting good, thought-provoking fiction out there in as many places as possible, as many ways as we can figure out. Our plans are to start with e-format short stories, then novels, then develop audio versions of full-length prose, and finally work into printing and distribution. Watch this space.